It is good to give thanks to the Lord. (Psalm 92:1)

Most families have some sort of Thanksgiving tradition. This tradition can range from the type of food you eat to games played or games watched. Maybe it is a trip taken with family or a trip to see family?

Some families gather around their living room and recite the blessings of God that have impacted their lives. One by one, family members give thanks to the Lord for their physical and spiritual blessings. As we hear the way God has touched the lives of those around us we are encouraged and blessed. It certainly is good to give thanks to the Lord!

It is from this spirit that I thank God for my family and for my church family. It certainly is a blessing to minister to and minister with the wonderful people of Jackson Park Baptist Church. I thank God for the awesome privilege that we have together to share the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with so many people in Kannapolis.

Let us encourage one another and glorify God for all He is accomplishing.