Hello Church Family and Friends,

Jackson Park Baptist Church COVID-19 Return Strategy

Hello Church,

We are beyond ready to get back to corporate worship and see everyone that we have missed so much! We hope this letter finds everyone healthy, happy and prepared to ease back into regular routines. A lot has changed since we met last. We are all still seeking to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and events triggered by it. Everyone on the planet has been affected by COVID-19. We want to update you on JPBC, its measured re-opening, and the steps we are taking to ensure we do everything possible to keep all congregants and staff healthy.

  • Return date is set for May 24, 2020.
  • Service Time 10:15 AM.
  • Greeters will greet with social distancing measures.
  • There will be an altered time of welcome that DOES NOT include physical touch (handshaking or hugging).
  • We will meet in the sanctuary. Please do your best to maintain social distancing from other individuals.
  • Communion will continue with measures taken to maintain the safety of congregants.
  • Offertory can be placed in receptacles at the entrance of Sanctuary before or after service. There will be no passing of the plate.
  • Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by a parent/guardian to restroom to ensure proper hand washing procedures.
  • Nursery will resume in June.
  • All children should remain with parents/guardians during the worship service. Please do not allow children to roam sanctuary.
  • Wearing of masks is encouraged but optional.
  • Masks will be provided for those who want one.
  • Sanitizing stations are available at the entrances of the Sanctuary and throughout the campus.
  • Sanitizing of the facility occurs after every meeting/gathering throughout the week.
  • Sanitizing of our seating and facility will occur directly following services.
  • We ask all congregants to exit the sanctuary promptly after worship service.
  • No Sunday school. Sunday school teaching will move to Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM beginning May 20th via YouTube.
  • We ask that you stay at home if answering yes to any of the following:
  1. Have you or anyone in your household had a fever recently greater than 100.4?
  2. Are you or anyone in your household currently taking medication to treat a fever?
  3. Have you or anyone in your household recently developed a cough?
  4. Have you or anyone you are in close contact with tested positive for COVID-19?
  5. Have you or anyone you are in close contact with experienced body aches, chills, or loss of taste/smell?

These measures will continue until August 12 or until we are able to meet without these restrictions. Jackson Park Baptist Church cares for the health of her members and any who would visit for worship. These measures like all others are flexible to allow changes to be made as needed. Continue to pray for the ministry of the Gospel through Jackson Park Baptist Church and for God’s healing in all the nations.

In Christ Alone,

Pastor J.R. Beaver


Deacon contact information 

Tommy Dendy (Absher – Bostian)  – 704-652-8258

Jeff Harrison (Bowers – Dendy) – 704-783-5191

Ray Carter (Dennis – Jester) – 704-746-1745

Matt Wallace (Johnson – Patrick) – 704-425-0681

Jason David (Pittman – Wyrick) – 704-425-5827